Arrange your chairs safely with the Chairlink row Connectors!

Chair connector Stack XXL 25 Système de fixation de connecteur Stack xxl 25 de…
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Chairlink chair connector round 19mm for folding chairs Chair connector for folding chairs, stackble chairs…
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Chairlink chair connector oval 15x30mm for conference chairs Chair connector for Conference chairs Iso, Stacking chairs…
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Chairlink Reihenverbinder 25x25mm Zertifiziert Chairlink Reihenverbinder 25x25mm Zertifiziert passend…
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Chairlink Reihenverbinder 22x22mm Zertifiziert Chairlink reihenverbinder 22x22mm Zertifiziert passend…
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Chairlink Reihenverbinder 20x20mm Zertifiziert Chairlink Reihenverbinder 20x20mm Zertifiziert passend…
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Chairlink chair connector round 22mm for folding chairs Chair connector for folding chairs tube‎ 22mm color…
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For the safety of visitors, the chairs must be linked together in a room setup with more than 100 chairs. These regulations apply not only in the Netherlands, but also throughout Europe. It is mandatory to link chairs together if they are are used in a room setup.


The Chairlink chair connectors are certified according European norm anti panic EN 14703 and we have several test certificates for various types of chairs in combination with our chair connectors for square and oval frames.


Below is a photo of the various tests carried out by TÜV Rheinland and by Efectis Nederland according to EN 14703 You can request the test certificates from us:

The Chairlink chair connectors are certified and tested at TÜV Rheinland and Efectis Group according to EU standard EN 14703 Furniture Links for non-domestic seating linked together in a row and has undergone extremely strenuous testing.






















NEN EN 14703: 2007


























Examples Chairlink Row Connector


Please refer to our references page for an overview of companies that use our tested chair connectors Chairlink.

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Distributors / Resellers who are intrerested and have an affinity with chairs solutions invited to respond.

If you have questions about the Chairlink chair connectors for Stacking chairs, Folding chairs, Banqueting chairs please don't hesitate to contact us.

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